It's been nearly two years since Fat Joe and his business partner Scott Spina launched their promising Up NYC shoe store, and in that time, things have hit the fan. Last month Spina was sentenced to 35 months in prison for using the customers' credit card information to buy things without their knowledge. Now, Spina is suing Joey Crack.

According to TMZ, Spina is suing Joe for what he feels was cheating him out of a large amount of money. Spina claims that he used $150,000 of his own cash in addition to securing $300,000 from investors to launch their company. From there, some 20 days after their extremely successful store opening, Joey supposedly kicked Spina out of their business.

Now Spina is suing Joe for both his $150,000 and a stake of the store they launched back in November 2016. Joe has yet to comment on the suit, but he did speak out against the notion that himself and Spina were close last month.

"Let's be clear this guy stole from me stop acting like he's a friend please," Joe tweeted in reply to a report the New York Post wrote about Spina's defrauding sentence.

Spina and Joe were originally sued by a payment processing company by the name of Cayan back in February 2017. The company was responsible for handling credit card sales for the store, and at the time, the unauthorized charges Spina made amounted to $318,815. Spina was sentenced to 35 months in prison for wire fraud.

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