Hip-hop has managed to make its way into every facet of entertainment. From tech to fashion to alcohol, rappers have stepped into industries that used to snub them in full force. Hip-hop-inspired TV shows are a prime example of how the culture has been spread into mainstream media.

50 Cent's Starz drama Power made headlines not only for enjoying a stellar Season 3 premiere in terms of ratings, but for being renewed for two more seasons.

“In Curtis, we not only have an immense talent, but an executive producer who brings a unique perspective, an authentic voice and passionate fan base that has helped in a large part propel the success of the series,” Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht said of 50 in a statement July 19 following the show's renewal.

But Fif definitely isn't the first to incorporate hip-hop on the small screen and excel at its delivery. Scripted comedies like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gave rappers a platform to goof around. Cartoons like The Boondocks used hip-hop's content to talk about society at large. Reality show's like MTV's Run's House showed us how rappers could be family men. And Fox's hit series Empire showed the ruthless side of the music industry while still incorporating big name stars into their scripts.

With all this new hip-hop taking over our TVs, XXL asked fans on Twitter what their favorite hip-hop inspired TV show through the years has been. Fans sounded off with everything from Yo! MTV Raps to BET Uncut. Read the best responses above.

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