Eve has seen a resurgence in her career thanks to a full-time gig on CBS' The Talk but during a recent episode, the rapper-actor revealed a dark time in her life that led to drinking and prescription drug abuse.

During a segment on the Tuesday (May 15) episode where the hosts were discussing singer Willow Smith's recent admission to cutting herself, Eve revealed she had also gone through a period of self-harm when her career came to a halt during the mid-2000s. "I call it my 'dark hole' period, my dark period," she said. "I was out of a toxic relationship, I didn't have a TV show, I didn't have a record deal."

According to Eve, as a way to avoid dealing with her emotions, she turned to alcohol. "I was just kinda like, what is happening with my life. So, I started drinking, a lot... I didn't want to deal with my emotions, I didn't really have anybody to really talk to."

The rapper also revealed she even began using Xanax to numb her pain—mixing prescription drug use with alcohol. Fortunately, Eve was able to turn her life around and credits her 2007 DUI as the starting point. Following a crash in California, Eve was forced to wear an alcohol-detecting ankle monitor.

While she originally didn't want to wear the monitor, Eve says she's thankful she did. "Thankfully I did [wear it] and was able to get healthy," she continued. "I prayed myself through it. I finally started figuring out the things that I needed to do to make myself healthy."

Since joining The Talk in 2017, Eve has dropped some bombshells on her co-hosts. During an April episode, the rapper recalled a time when she unknowingly drank a spiked drink at an awards show after party and discussed how Janet Jackson came to her rescue.

Check out a clip of Eve recalling the dark period in her life below.

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