Just when you thought the legal battle was over...

Earlier this month former engineer for Roc-A-Fella Records, Chauncey Mahan, tried to extort Jay Z for $20 million, claiming he would sell the masters for the "lost" records created during 1998-2002, if he was not paid his dues. After the Brooklyn rapper decided to no longer pursue the criminal extortion charges and the LAPD closed the investigation, things seemed to be settled between both parties. Now, Mahan is suing Jay Z and Roc Nation for a co-ownership title for the six albums created during 1998-2002.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, "he was the sound engineer who was one of the first masters of Pro Tools production software and was instrumental in creating the sound for a number of Roc-A-Fella's biggest releases, including The Life and Times of S. Carter and The Dynasty album."

Mahan wants written documentation from a judge stating his prominent role in the making of these six albums, assuring he has as much ownership over the albums as the label does. If the judge rules in his favor, Mahan would have co-ownership of the projects, as well as, their masters.

Jay has yet to address the matter.