Back in 2007, Hotstylz hit the scene with their smash record "Lookin Boy," giving everyone and their mother a new way to crack jokes on each other. When Eminem came out with his record breaking single "Rap God" in 2013, the group couldn't help but hear a similarity between the songs. In an act of retaliation, Hotstylz (made up of Raydio G, Krazee, and Meatball) released a diss record called "Rap Fraud" addressing the Detroit rapper alleged theft of their song. Most recently the group has decided to take it one step further by suing Em and his record label for using a sample of their song without seeking permission, according to a recent TMZ report.

Raymond Jones, also known as Raydio G, is suing the 8 Mile MC and Shady Records for $8 million after he allegedly sampled 25 seconds of the track "Lookin Boy" in the middle of the song. In an interview with XXL back in Nov. 2013, Hotstylz member Meatball revealed the main issue the group had with Eminem was the fact that he never reached out to them for the sample or even mention their name in the song. Overall they felt disrespected.

Eminem has yet to speak out on the matter.


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