Emilio Rojas has a lot of admirable attributes, but one that stands out is his unapologetic political opinions. While most rappers shy away from speaking on current events and the government, the Rochester, N.Y. native has no problem voicing his issues with the state of the culture.

For XXL's Flex Zone series, the "Crown of Thorns" lyricist addresses the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the nation's astonishing sex trafficking epidemic. "That's all we export, sex and children/And women without green cards, even if they expectin' children," Emilio spits. "Detention centers where the stress'll kill 'em/Like yo, they takin' jobs from real Americans, but who next to fill 'em?"

Emilio also touched on the success of today's Hispanic hip-hop artists, rapping, "And now it's cool to be a ’spic again/And everyone that doubted me is on my dick again/They hear my name and ask themselves if I'm a citizen/Mirame puto yo no escucho, I ain't listenin'."

On the come up, the MC recalls hitting the radio stations on promo runs and getting some surprising feedback regarding his name. "Maybe three years ago, I remember going into certain radio stations and talking with certain [radio] personalities and constantly being told 'Yo, change your name; use your passable Whiteness,'" he remembers. "'Emilio Rojas, I don't feel comfortable saying your name on air—I feel like I'm introducing a salsero.' By Latinos in this music industry with a lot of power."

Years later, since the Latin market has exploded when it comes to Latin trap and artists like Cardi B rising to the mainstream, Emilio admits people are singing a different tune. "Nobody ever told me to embrace my Latin culture," Emilio continues. "And those same muthafuckas, now that they see Bad Bunny and shit, they're in my text messages, they're liking photographs on Instagram... It's quiet for all that."

He also expresses his opinion on Kanye West's support of President Trump with these new bars. "It's sickening to see the way Trump excite Kanye/Like White girls sippin' pumpkin spiced lattes." Duly noted.

On Emilio's latest album, Life Got in the Way, the rapper gets vocal about his own personal experiences, including being raised in a single parent home. "Yeah, shit happened and my pops left, but so what? My mom taught me how to tie a tie instead," he shares. "That’s a hurdle but you step over bumps in the road. You just keep moving... Life got in the way but we still out here, you know?"

Watch Emilio Rojas speak his truth in Flex Zone up top.

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