Eli Sostre portrays a forlorn love in his new music video. The Brooklyn singer shows two people wandering through the night, unable to connect as they drift apart.

"I only trip when I'm drunk, all this liquor I'm on/Don't care about what I need but always get what you want/I know you hate it at home so you come over to see me/That nigga be stalking you, he ain't got shit to offer you/And you know that, that's how I feel I can't control that," Sostre sings.

The song captures the vibe of Sostre's Still Up All Night EP, which was released in July. The project's title isn't just a catchy slogan either. It also describes how the EP was made.

"I think working late nights really helped," he told Pigeons and Planes. "We’ve been working on this for about three years and we cut off most of the songs from the early sessions. We found some zone. I knocked out most of the project in three weeks at the end of the day. It’s hard to explain. Most of the times I make something I don’t even remember how they sound. I’ll forget until the engineer sends it back. Drugs, liquor, my producers. I make most of my stuff off the liquor. That other side of you… I feel like there are two sides of you, and that side lets you write with more detail.

Sostre's EP showcases his skill behind the boards too since it is mostly self-produced. You can stream the entire project below.

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