The upcoming Josh Trank-directed Al Capone biopic, Fonzo, will have one of hip-hop's best producers scoring the film. On Wednesday (April 18), it was announced that El-P will compose the movie's original score.

"Since I was fourteen years old, El-P's music has been one of the most important creative influences in my life," said director Trank. "There's literally no greater honor for me than to collaborate with him today and bear witness to this next stage of his artistic journey."

The film stars actor Tom Hardy as a 47-year-old Capone, whose mind has been taken over by dementia, and also features Matt Dillon, Linda Cardellini and Kyle MacLachlan. "I'm thrilled to be a part of this movie," the "Oh Mama" rapper said. "I'm a huge fan of everyone involved."

The Run The Jewels member spoke more about his role on Twitter, writing, "psyched to get the chance to do this shit." The rapper-producer also joked about the name he will use to score the film, revealing he will go by "XANS XIMMER," a nod to the great composer Hans Zimmer.

El-P and Killer Mike recently wrapped up touring with singer Lorde as the special guests on her Melodrama tour. Up next for the duo, they have a line of craft beers named after their songs releasing. After sharing their Panther Like a Panther stout and Legend Has It pilsner, RTJ also have a Double Down IPA set to drop in October.

Check out El-P's tweets below.

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