Earl Sweatshirt performed at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colo. on Thursday (April 11), but it looks like the second can't-miss act went on outside the venue as Earl got into a confrontation with a religious protestor.

Video of what happened surfaced on Friday (April 12) and was taken by a concertgoer. "Spontaneously went to an Earl Sweatshirt show in Denver and saw him outside the venue telling this racist, sexist religious dude to fuck off," the person captioned the video.

The clip shows a curious scene. Earl stands next to a tour bus while he gets into it with a man with a megaphone and flashlight who is standing on a milk crate. In front of the activist, a young woman in a short skirt twerks to spite him.

"Can you stop?" Earl asks the man.

The Bible thumper counters, "The Bible commands all man everywhere to repent. There comes a day that he will judge you and he will judge you for your sins. Your sins, sir, are going to drive you to hell. You need to repent of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ."

Earl isn't trying to hear it. He continuously slaps his hands together in disgust and tells the man,"Shut up, be quiet and go away." Toward the end, someone who looks like security appears to pull Earl away.

The I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside rapper is clearly a no-nonsense type of guy. Last month, video surfaced of him slapping a phone out of a fan's hand who attempted to take a video of the rapper.

Check out the wild scene outside the Denver show below.

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