An Earl Sweatshirt fan walked away from an interaction with the rapper with a sour taste in his mouth and possibly a cracked screen on his phone.

The fan posted video of the what happened on Twitter on Saturday (March 23). In the clip, the fan and a group of his friends appear to be on some sort of strip where there are bars and eating establishments on both sides of the street. As Earl approaches, the man readies his phone to take footage of the rapper. Instead, Earl sees the phone pointed in his direction and gives it a swift smack, sending it tumbling to the ground. Earl then apparently keeps it moving.

The upset fan picks his cell up from off the ground in disgust. "That's fucked up, yo," he says. "Get the fuck outta here. Fuck that mutherfucker."

He captioned the video, "When you want a pic with one of your favorite rappers since day 1 and he’s a dick."

Vince Staples got wind of the video and defended Earl by commenting, "If you feel disrespected I can get you a fade from the homie just let me know."

It is unclear what set Earl off but this is probably part of the reason why the Some Rap Songs rapper doesn't like stuff and doesn't go outside. However, as people pointed out in the comments, he had peaceful interactions with other fans that same night.

Check out the footage of Earl smacking a fan's phone out his hand below.

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