People have been waiting for Earl Sweatshirt's new album for two years ever since he dropped I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside, but today (Feb. 27) on Twitter he confirmed to the world that a new album is indeed on the way.

"making the album for you rn," he tweeted quite simply.

We're hoping Knxwledge has extensive production on the album, though RandomBlackDude (Earl's production alias) does his thing behind the boards. Earl and Knxwledge have been doing their Stay Inside radio show on Red Bull Music Academy Radio together, so chances are they've been getting in the lab and collaborating on new music as well.

Back in September, Earl actually played a new song on the radio show ostensibly called "Death Whistles," produced by Knxwledge. A couple weeks later, footage surfaced of him performing a couple more new tracks at One Love Festival in Calgary.

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