Earl Sweatshirt loves his fans but the rapper can't stand when they go overboard, especially when he's performing.

Just after he finished performing a song onstage in Mesa, Ariz. last night (April 28), someone from the crowd apparently threw a drink on stage. Although you can't see the beverage being hurled on camera, Earl and his DJ stopped the show to call out the person who threw it.

"Niggas really threw a fully loaded drink?" Earl said in disbelief. "Why would you throw a fully loaded Budweiser? This would be a totally different story if that had hit somebody right now."

Eventually, the disruption caught a security guard's attention. The guard wasted no time in escorting the person out of the venue. As the crowd's groans grew louder, Earl and his DJ boo'd the unidentified fan as he was being removed from the audience. Afterward, the crowd's groans turned to cheers as Earl kept the show moving.

The incident comes a few weeks after Sweatshirt got into a confrontation with a religious protestor. In a video captured by a fan earlier this month (April 13), Earl is spotted standing next to a tour bus when he gets into a verbal altercation with an overwhelmingly religious man with a megaphone. As a young woman in a short skirt twerks in front of the activist to spite the pastor, Earl tells him to go away.

"Can you stop?" Earl asks the man. "Shut up, be quiet and go away."

Watch Earl Sweatshirt's reaction to the person who threw a drink onstage below.

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