E-40 fans, rejoice: today (Nov. 18), the legendary Bay Area rapper delivers not one, but two new albums. The D-Boy Diary: Book 1 & 2 are now available for stream and purchase.

In a statement, 40 Water says, "These are my 26th and 27th solo albums and I feel real good. I played my position, I laced the unlaced, I’m telling my stories and other people’s stories all in one, about being brought up how I was brought up. It’s a blessing to be a rapper and talk about things that I’ve been through or my partnas or family been through and how we’ve conquered it. I’m very grateful about how my career has turned out."

He continues, "If I were to give advice to young rappers trying to make a career, I would say to take this music seriously and really put your all into it. Surround yourself with positive people who will tell you if you're right or wrong. If you have a bunch of 'Yes Sirs,' everything ain’t gon' fall into place. Don’t depend on the CEO and the record label; help the CEO out by helping yourself out."

You can now cop the double disc set via iTunes for $19.99. Additionally, you can stream all 44 tracks below. In case you missed it, earlier this week, 40 Water dropped the music video for "Savage" with B-Legit and Jazze Pha.

E-40’s Book 1 Tracklist

1. “Stack It to the Ceiling”
2. “Straight to the Point” (ft. Ezale and G-Eazy)
3 “Savage” (ft. Jazze Pha and B­-Legit)
4. “Puttin’ in Work”
5. “Mr. Arm and Hammer” (ft. Stresmatic)
6. “Hunedz” (ft. Rick Rock)
7. “Fired Up” (ft. Cousin Fik)
8. “Bag On Me” (ft. K.D. Stunts)
9. “Say So” (ft. iStevie)
10. “Stay Away” (ft. Eric Bellinger)
11. “Somebody” (ft. Ricco Barrino)
12. “All Day” (ft. Gucci Mane)
13. “The Grit Don’t Quit” (ft. Nef The Pharaoh)
14. “Fake Lit” (ft. June Onna Beat)
15. “Goon Music” (ft. Stresmatic)
16. “Gangsta Song” (ft. Kent Jones)
17. “Blessed by the Game”
18. “We Flip” (ft. Cousin Fik, Choose Up Cheese and Stresmatic)
19. “I Had It In a Drought” (ft. Stresmatic)
20. “Check” (ft. Willy Will)
21. “Made It Out” (ft. Young Chu)

E-40’s Book 2 Tracklist

1. “Bring Back The Sideshow” (ft. Mistah F.A.B. and Nef The Pharaoh)
2. “Money” (ft. Mozzy and Jay Rock)
3. “This Goin’ Up” (ft. Husalah and Turf Talk)
4. “On One” (ft. AD)
5. “Get Money or Get Lost”
6. “Highway” (ft. B-Legit and TreSolid)
7. “Sick Out Here” (ft. Droop-E)
8. “Thank U” (ft. Willy Will)
9. “Military Time” (ft. Salsalino and Baby Treeze)
10. “Uh Huh” (ft. YV)
11. “2 Seater” (ft. Kid Ink)
12. “What It’s Gone Be” (ft. D-Day and Tamoya Bell)
13. “How Do U Like That”
14. “I Know a Guy”
15. “All I Know” (ft. K Camp and Casey Veggies)
16. “Waitin’ on a Play” (ft. Nicamari)
17. “Tycoon”
18. “Broke Bitches” (ft. Joe Moses and Jay 305)
19. “Flash on These Bitches” (ft. Lil B)
20. “Too Many”
21. “Paid Off” (ft. Stresmatic)

Heavy On The Grind Ent.
Heavy On The Grind Ent.

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