Two employees at a coffee shop on the Duke University campus in North Carolina were reportedly fired on Monday (May 7) for playing Young Dolph's "Get Paid" on May 4.

According to Indy Week, Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta walked into the coffee shop and heard the track from the Memphis rapper playing over the speakers off of a curated Spotify playlist. Once the VP heard the lyrics, which he found offensive, he allegedly called for the two employees' contracts to be terminated.

Specifically, Moneta reportedly took issue with Dolph's lyrics in the first verse. "I fucked her so good, she got up and started cooking/Rolling up big blunts and a pound of cookies," he raps.

One of the employees, Britni Brown, was running the playlist when the incident happened on Friday (May 4) while manning the register, and shared the encounter regarding the song with the outlet. She claims that she quickly turned off the song once Moneta expressed that it was inappropriate, and offered him a muffin free of charge. He refused to not pay for the item and after she continued to profusely apologize, Moneta eventually left the shop after paying for the muffin.

The other employee making drinks, Kevin Simmons, says that he saw the confrontation, describing the exchange from the VP as "verbal harassment" towards Brown. A human resources representative from Joe Van Gogh's later told Indy Week that Duke University officials instructed them to fire the employees.

While Simmons, who is a white man, expressed his frustrations over being fired for a playlist he had no control of, Brown believes that he was fired in order to cover up any discrimination, being that she is a woman of color.

Brown also said that when she was hired at Joe Van Gogh's, where she worked for a year-and-a-half, she was never informed that there was an expectation that the music played be appropriate. “When I got hired, the only thing that was expected for the music was for it to be cool music,” she said. “There was no training to make sure that your music was appropriate.”

The "Paranoid" artist has yet to respond to the incident, but is certainly never one to shy away from controversy. His recent "Slave Owners" video is inspired by Django and appears to compare record labels to slave owners themselves. We'll watch out to see if Dolph responds to this incident.

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