Duckwrth breathes new life into his An Xtra Uugly Mixtape by dropping a visual for the song "Tamagotchi" on Thursday (April 5).

Directed by Lino Asana, the video shows the Los Angeles rapper being driven through the Mojave Desert at high speeds while he raps. "I sold my soul to Illuminati/For a white chick in a new Ferrari (wait)," Duck spits from the passenger seat. "JK, I am hardly the type to sell my soul for money/Don't mean I ain't tryna bargain/I keep my enemies in the office/I give em' all the dirty work then keep the profit/I run this shit like tamagotchi."

The visual also incorporates 1990s-era animation with cuts of 16-bit screenshots.

An Xtra Uugly Mixtape dropped back in November and features 13 song with guest spots from ChannelTres, Troi Irons and Louis Futon. It served as a follow-up to Duckwrth's 2016 debut album, I'm Uugly.

Duckwrth recently admitted to XXL there was a time before the two tapes popped off that he considered calling it quits. "There was a moment where I was gonna just say 'fuck it' and do graphic design, advertisements and shit, garment design," he said. "With the state of where hip-hop was, I was over it. And just the fact that it was such a struggle because I been making awesome, creative music, but it wasn't hitting the way it should."

Luckily he changed his mind. He is currently in the running to grace the 2018 XXL Freshman cover.

Watch Duckwrth's new "Tamagotchi" video below.

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