Drumma Boy is well-respected in the hip hop community, but the super producer seeks to takeover the fashion world just like he did with rap.

The beatsmith from Memphis known for producing hits such as Waka's "No Hands" and Jeezy's "Put On" is the face of Publik Trust's Fall 2014 collection lookbook. Drumma Boy, who also looks to expand his own clothing brand Fresh Phamily to higher levels, teamed up with Publik Trust because of the rapid growth of the brand and the man behind it. Publik Trust is becoming a popular brand in the streetwear industry and partnering up with Drumma Boy shall only take the brand to the next level.

We had a chance to chop it up with Drumma Boy and speak to him about his involvement with Publik Trust, his own brand Fresh Phamily, and his love for fashion. Check out the full interview with Drumma below.

How did you become involved with the Publik Trust brand?
Man, it was really the movement of Publik Trust and Demetrius Tatum, the owner of the brand and founder of the Preview trade show in Atlanta. Tatum is a strong figure in the fashion world. I guess my name came up in several meetings of the Publik Trust brand, and a lot of people have been seeing my progress on the fashion tip, my heavy involvement and my passion for it, so they contacted me, and it's just been a blessing to be a part of such a dope brand.

What have you learned from Demetrius Tatum and why work with him out of all people in the fashion world?
I've learned a lot from him. Since he handles the Preview trade show a lot of brands go through him to get their brands off, so why not deal with the source, deal with the head honcho. He’s the same guy who was behind the Jordan Brand for 12-13 years, and you can see just how much of an impact he’s made everywhere he’s been, so I’ve just been picking up so many knowledgeable facts and tips of the trade. I’m blessed to have somebody who is willing to teach me the business because a lot of people don’t want you in this business, so actually having somebody like Demetrius by my side that’s not charging me anything is tremendous help. Through him I'll be able to be a lot more successful with my own brand Fresh Phamily.

You're one of the models in the new Fall 2014 lookbook of Publik Trust. What can we expect from the line in the Fall season?
We got the sweat joggers, dope new tees, some fresh crewnecks with different African print. I mean the collection is incredible and the detail impeccable. Publik Trust did a great job with this Fall collection.

Where do you see the Publik Trust brand 3 years from now?
I definitely see this brand growing like no other. They're just getting started and for it to only have two different seasons so far and making the impact that it has already made is incredible, so it's only going to get better. The clothes, the colors, the collection, it will only expand and get to another level.

You also have a clothing brand of your own called Fresh Phamily. Tell me about your brand.
Yeah I launched Fresh Phamily in 2013. We had a huge clothing launch at Drai’s Hollywood hotel. We did a big gifting suite in Atlanta for the BET Awards, and I was just doing all of that on my own and pushing the brand. Now having a team I can see the big difference. Having a design team, a cut and sew team, and now having a manufacturer as opposed to me being on my own is of great help.

I know you've moved around from city to city, but did your love for fashion develop in Memphis or Atlanta?
It has always been in our bloodline coming from Memphis. Three of the big pimp cities are Memphis, Detroit, and Oakland. It was just always known to be fresh, even on a grown folks tip you know, going to church pulling out the hats, putting on the suits, the gators or the Stacey Adams. It was just always the cool thing to be fly and fresh. One thing I did establish with myself was my own fresh, and kind of grew that into Drumma Boy Fresh which is wherever I go, however I put it together, it’s just my version of fresh --- you throw me in K-Mart, I’m gonna come out a certain fresh, you throw me in Wal-Mart, I’m going to come out a certain fresh, throw me Polo, LRG, Nike, Crooks & Castles, Diamond, whatever you throw me I'm going to come out a certain fresh. That’s just something I’ve always been doing. A lot of people have recognized what I do in the fashion tip. It’s just my version of dressing, but with my little sprinkle of what I see, and it had been fun. We’ve been repping the Publik Trust brand now, in conjuntction with that they’ve been helping me establish my Fresh Phamily brand, and I’ve just been learning so many things, I’ve been making so many great contacts, and really just doing all of my clothing theories, sort of speak. Everything that you do, it has fundamentals to it, so I’ve been doing my clothing fundamentals and really doing my research, getting on my job and learning some great tips of the trade working with the Publik Trust brand. From photo shoots to manufacturing, to custom knit and sew, whatever it is just learning about the different angles in the fashion industry.

Who do you respect in hip hop currently when it comes to fashion? And growing up, who did you look up to fashion-wise?
I respect guys like Pharrell and Pitbull that can throw on a suit and be highly fashionable, but at the same time can dress urban and put the look well together. LL Cool J is another guy I respect when it comes to fashion, as well as many others. The freshest person that I looked up to growing up was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I mean every kid wanted to be the Fresh Prince. He was always rocking the Jordans, rocking fashion-forward trends, cool jerseys or hats. He brought his own style to the game.

What fashion trend in hip hop did you dislike?
For me, the Kris Kross trend of everybody wearing their pants backwards. I think that shit was cool for actually a year. I wore my pants like that once, but it wasn’t for me. I've been a part of most trends, but another trend that I dislike are skinny jeans, I never tried any skinny jeans on.

Check out the rest of the Fall 2014 collection from Publik Trust at their website.

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