Drumma Boy is stepping even further into the fashion world and has opened his own clothing store.

The newly minted boutique, House of Fresh, opened its doors on Oct. 7 and is located in northwest Atlanta. Marketed as a "streetwear boutique with a selection of top fashion brand-names & sneakers for men, women & kids," the store seems to have been a brainchild of the producer for while. Drumma Boy has his own clothing line called Fresh Phamily and has worked closely in the fashion industry in the past.

His fashion sense all goes back to his roots. “Growing up in South Memphis, I was surrounded by older clean fashionable styles," the Tennessee native recently said. "My mom would have big brunches on Saturday, and I would wake up and Issac Hayes would be in the living room. I also had an older brother who already had the latest trends and brands so it motivated me at a young age to always be ‘fresh.’ Started getting into a lot of trouble in South Memphis and ended up moving to the suburbs... I would always relate to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Known for being funny, having the latest trends and all the pretty girls. I always wanted to have my own clothing line like JAY-Z, Russell Simmons, Diddy, etc. and once I became a celebrity, I used my name as an opportunity to start being sponsored by some of my idols."

He further expounded on his expansion into the clothing market. "I picked up a sponsorship from Diddy himself rocking Sean Jean three-piece suits," he added. "I also connected with Tony Shellman doing branding for Parrish by 24. I began linking up with Travis Barker repping Famous Stripes, connecting with Drama doing continuous work with Young & Reckless, and making major moves with Popular Demand and Creative Recreation shoes."

All this only hyped him up even more to finally do his own thing. "After a while I started to feel like I'm bigger than a walking billboard, or a free clothing rack, and began presenting ideas for clothing companies that eventually landed me my own clothing line," he continued. "Throughout the process of learning the business and running my own setup at tradeshows across the U.S, I gained relationships domestically (and internationally) that allowed me to successfully move into the retail world as well. It feels great being able to touch people with taste and fashion as I've done with music."

House of Fresh is located at 1170 Howell Mill Rd., NW Atlanta, Ga. 30318.

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