Having secured a spot on HBO's Insecure soundtrack while earning 40 million YouTube views and platinum status for her single "Body," Chicago's own Dreezy has definitely made her presence known over the last year.

Unsurprisingly, her newfound fame took some getting used to, but she's finally managed to do so. She said as much when we spoke with her at the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival a couple of weeks back.

"I think I'm just now getting like, comfortable with everything, you know what I'm saying?" she explained. " Like, the past two years and being signed and stuff, it's just been real weird, and it's been hard to transition, but now I'm getting the hang of this shit. I'm cool. I'm Dreezy, this what I do. I'm good. I know how to finesse this shit."

Dreezy's been making a ton of noise in the industry, and she parlayed that buzz into touring with Gucci Mane and doing other shows across the U.S. She's not settling, though, and she's also looking to bring something new with her forthcoming sophomore album.

"I've been just working on music. I've been on so many shows and stuff it's crazy. But, we just got off of tour with Gucci. Shout out to that, he was definitely cool and brought us on there. Then I'm working on my second album. Making new music, new vibes."

Dreezy recently went off on BET for snubbing her in this year's female rap category. See what she had to say to the television network.

Check out what else Dreezy has to say for this edition of XXL's 360 in the video below.

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