Stuff is about to get real, folks. If you don't want to have to pay for the Internet, if you don't want the government with their hands all in your videos (Suge Knight voice), among other things on the World Wide Web we take for granted, you need to be pushing to keep net neutrality, because it's on the verge of being no more.

Currently, the Federal Communications Commission is on a crash course to vote to end the net neutrality rule put in place in 2015. If repealed, the act would have huge affects on the Internet as we know it, giving a lot more power to the telecommunications companies and the government on how things are run. Business Insider reports, "The repeal of net neutrality will give these giant companies free rein to favor their own sites, services, and content, and discriminate against those of rivals. As long as they tell you what they're doing, the government won't stand in their way."

This is a big deal, folks. Rappers are starting to become aware of what's going on, and what is at stake. "Just googled 'net neutrality'...yeah, we gotta keep that," DRAM recently tweeted.

Lizzo took it a step further. She posted revealing selfie, along with the caption, "We have about a week left of free internet. If you don’t know what #netneutrality means then please do your googles. To save our internet text ‘RESIST’ to 50409. Or... enjoy this bathroom selfie, cus it may be one of the last ones we get to post."

The official vote is on Dec. 14.

Check out their posts below.

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