From mixtapes to Grammys, Boi-1da has literally been by Drake's side since day one.  Ironically a producer of "New No Friends", the pals definitely must have had each other in mind when concocting the tune. Now speaking on Drake's evolution, the producer tells that he has truly grown as an artist and that fans will surely see his growth on NWTS.

"He's gotten better as a rapper and a lyricist and understanding himself musically", Drake's long time cohort said in an interview with Rolling stone. "He's just become a better artist; his shows, the way he performs, just everything about him has grown. I feel like a lot of people are going see the growth on Nothing Was the Same because he took it to another level. As an artist, he just grew up, and this album is showing what's going on with him now in a different, new way.

Boi-1da, who also recently colloboarted with Jay Z on Magna Carta Holy Grail, also spoke about his first time effort with Jigga saying it made him feel very accomplished. "It was my first time that I’ve done anything with Jay Z and he killed the song, it was him and Rick Ross", stated the producer. "I scratched that one off my bucket list because I always wanted to do a song with Jay Z and I finally got to collaborate with him".