Drake is one of the biggest superstars on Earth, but it looks like he gets a lot of his stage presence and passion for music from his father. Dennis Graham releases the anticipated music video for his single "Kinda Crazy," which he originally dropped last year, and we see him in his suave element.

The father of the More Life rapper can be seen sitting in a throne-like chair, surrounded by some smoke in a dark room as he looks at a blonde woman he has his eye on. Other shots show Graham sitting in a booth in a cozy lounge, where he shares some laughs with some other beautiful ladies while singing about the girl of his dreams.

If you recall, Dennis Graham was previously disappointed with the reception and sale numbers for "Kinda Crazy," and called out his "so-called friends" on Instagram for not supporting the record. TMZ also unveiled a 35-second preview of the video last year, but there was no word on when fans would be getting the complete set of visuals.

Due to the low record sales, Graham also cancelled the release party of the music video eight months back, but is giving fans a surprise release of the project today (Aug. 1).

Watch the music video for Dennis Graham's "Kinda Crazy" below to see what he's cooked up.

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