It's often easy to forget that the biggest rapper in the States right now isn't even an American. Drake's popularity as a Canadian not only opened up the U.S. to Toronto talent, but to the sounds of Africa and the U.K. as well. Could it be the rapper's newfound accent that did it?

The Six God's patois is a curious, controversial new addition to his inventory of characteristics, the latest in a string of somewhat silly but also endearing traits that allow Drake to be a walking, breathing meme. Some say it's the natural result of living in Toronto, a melting pot of different ethnicities. Others wonder why it took so long for Drake to apply the patois to his music if that's the case. Either way, it's clearly a conscious decision to emphasize the accent so much now, and just as Aubrey's helped usher in grime and Afropop to the states, so has he borrowed a little bit from each sound to lend himself a little cultural cachet as well.

But no matter which side you land on, it's pretty unanimous that Drake's patois can be funny as fuck sometimes. And when he posted a recent picture of himself writing something down on Instagram, Twitter users took full advantage of the ripe opportunity. Surprisingly enough, the ghostwriting jokes were scant, but people still got their jokes off about Drake's recently adopted accent. See some of the funniest tweets below.

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