For years, Drake, Toronto's superstar favorite son, had no choice but to live with clips of his epic airball at the scene of the University of Kentucky's Big Blue Madness. Not anymore, because now, he's served up a much more flattering demonstration of his basketball skills, nailing a couple of difficult trick shots for rapper/b-ball skills coach Dribble2Much's #OneAndDoneChallenge.

For the challenge, you've got to upload a video of yourself chucking a basketball toward the hoop like a quarterback would with a football. From there, without the help of editing, you've got to drain a half-court shot while laying on your back. It sounds hard, but the basketball-loving Drizzy, whose rocking an OVO jersey and a touch of comedic self-seriousness, handles it like a pro. He uses Dribble2Much's new song, "One and Done" as the soundtrack.

All together, it's a pretty good start for what could very well become the next viral challenge, even if it's not something people are readily able to do. Drizzy may not be known as an athlete, but he showed some pretty impressive upper body strength and accuracy when he sent the ball through the hoop with one arm and hit the half-court shot while sitting down. Seriously, can you actually imagine yourself doing that? We're betting he didn't get it on the first try.

TMZ reports that Drizzy's called out Toronto Raptors guards Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan to turn in their own #OneAndDoneChallenge. Will they accept? We'll have to wait and see.

Check out Drizzy's #OneAndDoneChallenge for yourself below. When you're done with that, check out a snippet of his new collab with Quavo.

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