Drake continues to go at Meek Mill. Last night, the 6 God was performing in Washington D.C. and eulogized his Philadelphia nemesis in front of the crowd. During a break in the action while he was performing, the multitude started to chant "Fuck Meek Mill." Drake urged the fans not to waste their energy with a wave of the hand, adding "Don't worry, he's dead already." And the crowd went wild. Damb!

#Drake said #meekmill is dead while performing in #DC

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While Meek Mill is showing off samples of his new music, Drake continues go in on the Dreamchaser who started this whole thing by outting Drizzy's alleged ghostwriter because Aubrey didn't tweet his album. Just when you thought things might be over, Drake took shots at Nicki Minaj's BF on his new mixtape with Future, What A Time To Be Alive. Meek responded not on wax, but on social media, refusing to give the jab much attention. Now this. Will Milly hop back in the ring? His only retaliation, besides talking ish on tour, was the not very well received diss track "Wanna Know" that almost got him in a lawsuit.

In the mean time, Drake is winning at every turn. His recent release with Future WATTBA is coming in a No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts making it his second Billboard 200 No. 1 album this year.