By now, you've seen Drake's video for "God's Plan" where he gave away nearly $1 million. While it will be tough to top that, Drizzy already has plans for his next charitable effort.

Speaking with TMZ, Drake said giving away all that money was the best thing he's even done in his life. As for what's next, the Scary Hours rapper says he's just going to keep helping.

According to the "God's Plan" video, the budget for the visuals were $996,331.90—all of which was given away to people around Miami. At one point during the video, Drizzy gifts a 20-year-old University of Miami student with a $50,000 check. The rapper also donated $25,000 to Miami Senior High School and even paid for the groceries of customers in a supermarket.

"God's Plan" is featured on Drake's two-song EP, Scary Hours. The song broke Apple Music's first-day streaming record, earning over 14 million streams on Jan. 19. The track also smashed Spotify's single-day streaming record with 4,326,679 streams. Drake has called the "God's Plan" video "the most important thing" he's ever done in his career.

In related news, Drake recently teamed up with Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB for the song "Look Alive" and linked up with the rapper for the video. In the Fredrivk Ali-directed visuals, Drizzy and BlocBoy make their way around the block and basketball court as the track plays. Some of Drake's OVO affiliates also pop up during the video.

Check out Drizzy revealing his next plans below.

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