Drake's Views may be out the bag and all over the charts, but the promotional efforts storm on, with the rapper appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night (May 12) to speak on the album and participate in Fallon's viral hijinks. Above, the two play a not so serious game of faceketball, with Drake of course opting to use the purple and red balls, citing the fact that they are the colors of his beloved Toronto Raptors.

Below, Fallon gifts Drake a number of mini versions of himself, turning the Views album meme into a real life punchline. During the interview, Drake says that his dad is currently in Shanghai, and may not have even heard his son's new album, saying over the phone, "I love it. Drake man, I’m gonna be honest with you, my service is not too good out here. I’ma get around to it."

Drake also shares some of the origin story behind the album title and the nickname bestowed upon the city of Toronto, saying, "Our area code’s 4-1-6. We were debating on the four but then I went tail end on them and I went 6. And actually at one point, it was considered that Toronto was broken up into six areas. It’s all clicking."

Drizzy willl take his TV tour to Saturday Night Live this weekend and Ellen next week, with a "One Dance" video off in the not too distant horizon. Catch his appearance on Fallon both up top and just below.

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