Meek Mill has responded to Drake in a since-deleted IG post. See below.

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While in Philly tonight (Aug. 21) for the latest stop on his Summer Sixteen tour, Drake once again changed the lyrics to "Back to Back" and dissed Meek Mill, this time saving some special words for the MMG MC after the song.

"And just remember, when you watch that video over and over tonight, it's not about your city. I love your city," Drake said, seeming to talk to Meek. "You did that shit to your motherfuckin' self, boy!" Watch that clip above.

Earlier in the video, you can hear him changing a line especially for his Philly performance – "I even did this shit in Philly, man I never run." You can see him perform more of the song below.

Drake also changed lyrics in another song – "Still Here" from Views. On the hook he sang, "Man, you not really from Philly and they can tell, nigga!" See that below as well. Also included is footage of Drake bringing Wayne out for songs like "HYFR" and "A Milli."

The night before this, Drake was in Washington, D.C. There, he changed the lyrics to "Back to Back" and called Meek a "pussy."

After the Philly show, one person uploaded video claiming he was with others looking to press Drake after the show, but couldn't because of gates being put up and heavy police presence. Men claiming to be a part of Meek's Dreamchasers crew also said they were rolling "100 to 200 deep" looking to pull up on Drake. Those clips are also below.

It comes at an interesting time for Drake, who might have caught a stray shot from Andre 3000 on Frank Ocean's new "Solo (Reprise)" off Frank's new Blonde album. Here's what 3 Stacks spit: “I am no rookie but feel like a kid/Lookin’ at the other kids/With astonishment while I’m on punishment, watchin’ the summer come close to an end/After 20 years in/I’m so naive I was under the impression that everyone wrote they own verses/It’s comin’ back different and yea that shit hurts me/I’m hummin’ and whistlin’ to those not deserving/I’m stumbled and lived every word, was I working just way too hard?”

Chances are Drake won't respond to one of the GOATs, but the question is will Meek respond to Drizzy's latest move? The Philly rapper is about to move into a mansion in the hills with Nicki Minaj. Maybe he'll just ignore it and focus on the upcoming DC4 tape. He's recently released snippets of new music, one of which is with Quavo.

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