U.K. artist Octavian has won the prestigious BBC Music Sound of 2019 poll for his self-produced EPs including his latest project, Spaceman. Speaking with XXL, he makes it clear he's happy about the accomplishment.

“That feels great, man,” Octavian says, referring to his big win. “It feels very undeserving, because I haven’t even started anything yet. It’s crazy. I feel very excited for the year to come.”

Octavian is the first rapper to win the poll since 50 Cent in 2003. Previous winners include Adele and Sam Smith, among others.

The 23-year-old rhymer’s music previously earned an endorsement from Drake, who posted an Instagram video of himself reciting lyrics from the rapper's 2017 breakout single “Party Here.” Thankful for the stamp of approval he received from the 6ix God, Octavian admires the Grammy-nominated megastar for his ability to push boundaries.

“He was an idol to me,” the 22 rapper admits. “So for him to shout me out was amazing.”

Born in Lille, France and raised in Camberwell, London, Octavian developed his musical style while attending the famous Brit School where the late Amy Winehouse also once studied. In 2016, Octavian released his mixtape 22 in 2016 and his Essie World EP the following year. Things really took off with the release of his track “Party Here.”

"If I can get this, I can get anything. 2019 is going to be a great year," said Octavian on winning the BBC Music Sound of 2019 poll.

Congrats to Octavian on winning his award. Check out more music from the U.K. artist below.

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