DotMob, a crew consisting of Murda Mook, T-Rex and Dutch Brown, flip Big Pun's classic "Still Not a Player" for "F.U.N. (Fuxkin Unbelievable Night)," a cut off their Fuxk the Politics mixtape. As the trio contemplate what they're going to do with their night, their guest Cooley Cash throws out the idea of having a house party, which they quickly jump on in the video for the track, premiering exclusively on XXL.

Upon making a few phone calls, a full contingent of women looking for a good time head uptown to party with the New York City natives. Drawing inspiration from the classic 1990 flick House Party, DotMob provide a feel-good visual, directed by Denity of Secret Society Motion Pictures, and even let the pizza guy get a little shine.

"Aside from it being based upon a classic movie from our childhood, we feel house party is the ultimate definition of "F.U.N.," Murda Mook tells XXL. "Before everyone had to have money to go to clubs and pop bottles, house parties was where it was at. We want to remind people that there are still simple things that offer the same, or even a greater fulfillment. It's not about conforming to what the society wants you to believe."

"I'd probably say it was more needed than important," adds Dutch Brown. "We all can relate to the house party scene, it represents a place where hip hop was home to before the club."

So what's next for Murda Mook, T-Rex and Dutch Brown? "What isn't next for Dot Mob is the question," Mook states. "We are dropping another mixtape #Vote4DotMob as well as the official album, 1999, and then tours, television. You name it we claim it."

Fuxk The Politics, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, features 10 tracks. Check out the tracklist and stream the mixtape below. And watch DotMob have some raging fun in the video above.

DotMob's Fuxk the Politics Tracklist

1. "Where Is Whoo Kid? (Intro)"
2. "Fuxk the Politics"
3. "Neva Told on Nobody"
4. "Benhiana" Feat. Cooley Cash
5. "Foster Kids"
6. "D.O.T. Ain't Nothing to Fuxk Wit (Mob Meeting)" Feat. Chayna Ashley, Dan Barz, Henny Hustle, Pop $hit and Great One
7. "Mourning Homicide"
8. "F.U.N. (Fuxkin Unbelievable Night)" Feat. Cooley Cash
9. "Mob Ties (Neck, Hands and Feet)" Feat. Brilo
10. "Get the Fuxk Away From us" Feat. Chayna Ashley and Dan Barz

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