In one of the least likely Twitter exchanges ever, business mogul and possible presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted up-and-coming rap star Mac Miller on Tuesday, co-signing Miller’s song, “Donald Trump.”

In between tweets about Obamacare, the debt ceiling and a new hotel he’s opening in Panama, The Donald tweeted: “@macmiller ‘Donald Trump the Song’ gets 16M hits on YouTube. Who wouldn't be flattered?”

Miller said he got the news from a friend after waking up in a hotel room.

“We all laughed and we’re like ‘That’s fuckin wild,’” Miller tells “And then we just checked Twitter and tried to get him to invite us to some crazy party, but he never did.”

Miller first responded with surprise: “YOOOOOOO! DONALD TRUMP REALLY JUST TWEETED ME!!! THAT IS ILL.”

Then came a witty effort to pop bottles with “The Apprentice” host:  “@realDonaldTrump glad you like it. In return for the free promo, an extravagant night of fine dining and penthouse parties w/ models on you?”

But a lavish party never materialized. “He didn’t start following me or anything either,” Miller added. “I think he just likes the song.”

As it turns out, the song – a party anthem on which the 2011 XXL freshman boasts “I take over the world when I’m on my Donald Trump shit/look at all this money, ain’t that some shit?” – wasn’t given the Trump title until the last minute.

“It’s funny because the Donald Trump thing came at the end,” Miller said, “so I never really thought about [how he’d react] because I never really thought about it reaching that level.”

The 19-year-old Pittsburgh MC said as unexpected as it was to get a tweet from Trump, with the video  now approaching 17 million views on YouTube, it only made sense that the wealthy CEO took notice.

“I think it was more comedic than anything,” Miller said. “It’s just kinda like a quick little, ‘Oh wow, Mac is on Donald Trump’s radar.’ And I was just like ‘Oh, that’s something you never expect.’

“But then it’s not really that crazy to think that if a song has 16 million views and it’s called 'Donald Trump' – I would hope Donald Trump would know about it,” Miller said.–Lauren Carter