Donald Glover has a lot going on this September, with the premiere of his FX show Atlanta on Sept. 6 and a series of performance dates at Joshua Tree, Calif. From Sept. 2 to 4, fans are invited to camp out for the album experience with Glover visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to further explain the concept.

"I just wanted to do something different," he says in the above clip, after first detailing his recent hiking adventures. "I have all these songs and I want people to feel like it felt to be in them and I was like 'Oh I should just invite everybody camping.' And everybody was like, 'Yeah you should.' And I feel like Joshua Tree is a very spiritual place."

Glover first announced the performance event in June via a mysterious app titled Pharos. Little was known of its origins or purpose, a countdown clock shown once it was open, and Glover says the app was initially met with some skepticism. "People sent emails being like 'I’m not joining your cult,' he says. "This is simply camping, it’s just chilling out. It’s a way for people to hear the album but also experience the world that it’s in."

As for the nature of the pop-up community, Glover said that he'll be around while structures will be built to give the space a city-like feel. "I’m going to be performing it," he says of the new album. "We’ll have this big place to perform it. It’s like a whole town."

Watch his interview with Fallon up top, while below, the two are joined by the US Olympic gymnastics team for a game of Hungry Hungry Humans.

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