It's 2010 in reverse. After LeBron spurned the city of Cleveland with his "Decision" to join the Miami Heat, he gave Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade a dose of their own medicine. Earlier today, LeBron announced his decision to return back to Cleveland and jettisoned his Heat Jersey for his familiar gold and burgundy Cleveland Cavs uniform. While a bevy of rappers commended the star athlete for his decision on Twitter, some were baffled by his return to the franchise that once considered him a traitor. DJ Premier—who is an avid basketball fan and hip-hop savant—voiced his confusion over LBJ's decision to XXL. While he admitted that he wouldn't work for someone who berated him to the degree that Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert had with his letter to LeBron in 2010, he ultimately respected Bron's decision to come home.

"To see LeBron going back to Cleveland, I get it. But just on the principle on how the owner disrespected him with the letter and all these years hating on him for making the move, when its his career that's important. It's not about the town you come from when it comes to business. It's no disrespect to your city, but for him [Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert] to do that, and then he goes back there. It's a little weird, but you know what, that's his life. That's the path he walked. We're not living his day to day situation, so I got to respect that," said DJ Premier.

As for his Knicks and Carmelo Anthony, Premier has no clue what the star plans to do.

"I think that he's still was saying New York, even though Chicago is the one that everybody keeps talking about. Obviously, [you] have the Lakers and all that stuff."

LeBron James will be joining forces with NBA-All Star Kyrie Irving and this year's number one pick, Andrew Wiggins.

Knicks fans, keep your fingers crossed for Melo.