While many continue to celebrate Nas’ opus Illmatic for its 20th anniversary, one of the album’s producers, DJ Premier, admitted to not being a fan of “Memory Lane" (Sittin’ In Da Park). The legendary producer discussed the making of this beat with The LA Leakers, for their Leaks That Collected Dust audio biography.

“‘Memory Lane,’ I didn’t like that beat before the drums and everything was added,” DJ Premier said. “Nas would always sit there with me with all his boys. Back then he was working on Illmatic, he’d have 20 dudes in the room…So, we finally got through that rough part of it…But it became fun to work with them because they all were cool. And they would listen to [us] when we said ‘be quiet.’”

In addition to “Memory Lane," Premier also contributed to other tracks on the classic album, including “N.Y. State of Mind” and “Represent.”

Watch the interview below:—Carl Lamarre