YG and DJ Mustard's Instagram beef was short-lived, but according to YG, it wasn't actually confined to the Internet. YG went on New York's Hot 97 to reveal that he and Mustard fought it out in person. Ebro and Laura Stylez asked if they were punching each other in the face, which YG confirmed and added that they fight regularly.

Additionally, on the topic of his Grammy snub, YG called it "scandalous," and said that "I knew I wasn't gonna win, you know, 'cuz I'm an N-I-G-G-A...and I'm really with this street stuff, so I know they ain't supportin' that." The "street shit" YG raps about apparently makes Ebro nervous, as the latter finds it plausible that an innocent person could say "Bicken back bein bool" in the wrong neighborhood and incite violence. YG corrected Ebro: "The people who run around saying it don't got no business in the wrong neighborhood."

The Compton rapper also revealed that he is going to be a father. “I got one on the way,” he said during an interview. His daughter is due June 15.

DJ Mustard confirms on Power 105.1 that he and YG did got into a fistfight.  “Anytime anyone of my friends in my camp, if we argue, we gonna fight for real,” said Mustard. “We gonna fight and get it over with…[Me and YG] fought and now we’re good. That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

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