On early Thursday morning (Oct. 26), screenshots of a racy Snapchat conversation allegedly between Power 105.1 DJ Envy and an unnamed person began circulating the internet. Now, Envy's stepped forth to shoot down the idea that he sent those messages, which included references to analingus.

"I don't know where [the messages] came from," he said on his show, The Breakfast Club, a short while ago. "Whoever it was has been chasing all the reputable blogs, [and] nobody posted it. And I guess they found one that has." He went on to retweet a celebrity gossip site's Twitter account that claimed the person who had reported the alleged Snapchat convo had been trying to get them to buy into the story for weeks.

Envy, who, of course, faced jokes from his co-hosts Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee, doesn't seem to be taking this all that seriously. After all, he's got a few more important things to worry about, namely, his forthcoming album, Just a Kid From Queens. Speaking with us about the project a couple of months ago, Envy said he wanted the project to satisfy his every mood.

"When I first set out to do this, I was like, ‘Fuck that. I’m going to take it back to streets. It’s going to be all hardcore shit,’" Envy told XXL while at the New York office. "But then I realized I have different feelings for different moments. Yeah, sometimes I want to hear a grimy, gritty song. But then other times I want to have my shirt off and show my beach body and do some Jersey fist-pumping. But then sometimes, I want to chill with my wife and ride down the street and be sexy and then sometimes, I want to bounce around and act a fool in the club. I wanted to have all those elements on my album. I knew I wanted to have all the moods. It goes everywhere."

Apparently, one of the first moods he wanted to satiate was his party instinct, and he did that with his Fetty Wap and DJ Slink-assisted single, "Text Me Ur Number." Make sure you check that out and be sure to look out for Just a Kid From Queens, which is currently set to drop in 2018.

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