Divine Council can't get out of the house in the video for their new song "Dirtbags in Distress," both dropping Wednesday (Feb. 1). The crew is caught in a cloud of smoke, rapping over the ICYTWAT beat from the couch, kitchen and more, snack rappers and soda bottle lying about.

The group dropped their Council World EP in July. More recently, they connected with Andre 3000, who appeared in and directed their video for "Decemba (Remix)," the first track off their EP.  "Dirtbags in Distress" is some of the first new music from the group along with "Council Shit" which dropped in November.

On the new track, SilkMoney spits a hook reflective of the success that came with signing to Epic Records. He raps, “I spent my whole damn advance on some fuckin' weed/Bought me some things I don’t need, don’t tell L.A. Reid/Had to get that Louis mama, don’t this shit look clean/Cashed out lil I’m assed out, fuck my priorities."

Catch the group's new song and video up above, which marks the first time all four members were on a track together.

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