Desiigner's breakout single "Panda" may have debuted on the rapper's SoundCloud back in December of 2015, but thanks to a major co-sign from G.O.O.D. Music, a sample on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo and a Def Jam signing, the track is sweeping the nation and taking hip-hop fans along with it.

Yes, naysayers will argue that the young Brooklyn rapper sounds exactly like current rap star, Future. And yes, some may say he's a one-hit wonder because he has yet to drop another track as strong as the infectious "Panda." And yet, the song has been steadily climbing up the Billboard radio charts, currently at No. 2. Plus, Desiigner is getting booked for shows night after night. Not even throwing up on stage and wildin' out with a disabled man on his shoulder could tarnish his image so far. And as for Future? Desiigner has been shamelessly biting the ATL God every step of the way. He even named his newfound fanbase the #PandaHive after Future's #FutureHive.

And with this notoriety obviously comes a certain dose of ridicule. In the age of the Internet, a good meme will capture the best jokes of the moment and blast them out for everyone to see. Fans have been taking stock images of pandas, cartoons and even Photoshopping Future and Desiigner together to get a good laugh at the young MC's expense. But don't worry. Judging from Desiigner's Instagram stuntin' lately, he's laughing all the way to the bank. Check out the funniest "Panda" memes hip-hop fans have come up with so far.

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