If you've been waiting on Denzel Curry to release new music, then you'll be excited to know that he finally has an update for you. The Florida native revealed the status of his upcoming album on Instagram this week, and assured fans that the project is in the works and coming along quite nicely.

Captioning the post with a smiling devil emoji, Curry wrote a statement in lieu of a photo on Instagram, which read, "To all my supporters. I'm excited to tell you that the next album is getting closer to what it suppose to sound like...However it will take some time for me to complete it because I want to make my message is clear as day. In the meantime I will be releasing music as soon as I can... my only request is to stay tuned to what's going on."

He didn't specify what he meant by staying "tuned to what's going on," but we can only assume he is implying what is happening in America with President Donald Trump and his controversial cabinet.

Curry has not been one to shy away from speaking out on political issues, as he uses his platform in music and on Twitter to frequently respond to controversial events that occur throughout the country. On top of that, he's also a crazy freestyler, as proven by his "So Far Gone" freestyle last year.

While fans have waited for a new project, Denzel's stayed busy, recently appearing in a new adidas and Alexander Wang look book. He also joined Twelve'Len for a remix of Little Dragon's "High."

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