Life and the rap game appears to have gotten the better of former XXL Freshman Denzel Curry, and it sounds like he is ready to take a hiatus.

The Florida rapper announced his intentions on Saturday (March 24) on Instagram. "I'm sorry everyone," he wrote. "I know I always delete my post and I go through my moods without making music and trying to talk to each and everyone of you. The truth is I feel weird about a lot of things and trying to give people answers to solutions when I'm still learning myself. I always focus on the negative when I shouldn't. My biggest fear is not letting myself, my fans and my family down. I know you guys only want me to release music and you will receive it. But as of now, I'm not fucking with anything at the moment."

He doubled down on the assertion he might be leaving the game behind on Twitter. "Blogs don’t mean shit if nobody reads. Friends don’t mean shit if none of them real. Life don’t mean shit if your purpose is not fulfilled," he posted. Followed by, "Bye."

Is this the end? It was just about a week ago that Curry put out his new collab with IDK, "Uh Huh."

Check out Denzel Curry's posts where he appears to announce his indefinite split from the rap game below.

DenzelCurryPH via Instagram
DenzelCurryPH via Instagram

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