Denzel Curry's love for his hometown has just paid off in major way.

On Saturday (Oct. 20), the Miami Heat unleashed their intro video for the 2018-19 season, which includes a remixed version of Curry's "Switch It Up" track off his latest LP, Ta13oo.

For the NBA version, the Carol City, Fla. rapper replaces words with "Miami" for his home team on the song's chorus, rapping, "Miami nice, Miami mean (switch it up)/Miami raw, Miami Heat, switch it up/Miami boss, we in the lead (switch it up)/I'ma get buckets by any means (run it up)." In the official intro video, Curry also alters the track's first verse with a few basketball terms as the camera pans to every player on the roster.

In a separate clip, the 2016 XXL Freshman thanks the Miami Heat for allowing him to provide their walkout track for the season. "Shoutout to y'all for giving me this jersey right here," the "Please Forgive" rhymer adds as he raises a jersey with his last name emblazoned across.

In related news, Denzel Curry will be performing in his native Miami with Flatbush Zombies on Nov. 16. The Red Bull Music-hosted event, titled Zeltron V. Zombies, will see the rappers go head-to-head in a "sound clash/martial arts inspired rap blowout." Perhaps fans will hear new music from Curry's forthcoming album.

Check out the Miami Heat intro video and Denzel Curry's tweets below.

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