With the volume of new music constantly increasing everyday, forward thinking artists of last year sometimes struggle to stay ahead of the curve. But for producer Lunice, he continues to keep it moving. On his new single "Distrust," he reinvents himself yet again but this time with the Florida three-man team of Denzel Curry, JK The Reaper and Nell.

While working on other EPs over the last five years, Lunice has been crafting his next larger body of work CCCLX or 360. The title refers to providing a full sensory experience on all fronts (360°). What took so long with CCCLX was the time he spent on not only the sonics but also the visual representation of the album he plans on bringing on tour with him. He told NPR in an interview that the performance of Madame Butterfly at London's Royal Opera House was an inspiration for the album. He also revealed that he got a guitar solo from producer Mike Dean.

Serving as the second single for the album after "Mazerati," "Distrust" comes with two parts to it. The first is split among the three MCs. Denzel sets the tone with a warning against backstabbers before JK takes the song to a superhuman level. As soon as the beat drops, Nell takes the reins before Denzel returns. The transitions among the rappers are just as smooth as the beats' progressions. Then just before the two-minute mark, the floor beneath you falls out as the beat turns into a disjointed juke track to make you feel suspended in midair. Similar to a play, this song comes with exposition, a climax and a resolution.

CCCLX will be available September 8. You can purchase "Distrust" here and listen to it below.

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