The road to being a XXL Freshman is different for every rapper who chooses to walk it. For some, it can be as simple as an overwhelming buzz and one or two hot songs. But that definitely wasn't the path for Carol City rapper Denzel Curry. The spitter has made it his personal mission to turn the rap game upside down since he was 16. Part anarchist, part peacekeeper, Denzel is known for his philosophical bars delivered with militant rapid fire. Curry's name starting buzzing when he became a member of SpaceGhostPurrp's Raider Klan years ago, but since breaking out on his own, the 21-year-old has been virtually unstoppable and he showcases this in his XXL Freshman interview.

"I really don't think I have a genre, honestly 'cause I make such different music even though it is rap," he tells XXL. "I feel like it's totally different from the rap that people hear today. I just feel like my shit is out the norm."

In 2015, Curry showed his work ethic by dropping a double EP, 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms. He followed that up with his independent sophomore album, Imperial, in March of 2016, boasting features from fellow Floridian Rick Ross and former Freshman Joey Bada$$.

Higher thinking, creative wordplay and tactful delivery have gotten Denzel to his position of power among his crew, the C9 collective, not to mention an army of faithful fans. Songs like "Threatz," "Knotty Head" and "ULT" are standouts from his discography so far, but with the platform of Freshman under his feet, Denzel is planning to go even harder within the next year. He has plans for an as-yet-titled C9 collective EP due out in 2017.

"It's a blessing to be here and I'm going to appreciate this whole thing," he shares. "Even when I get older, I'm going to appreciate this moment because I know there's people that get on this cover and then you don't hear from them for years. But you're going to hear me for years! Years to come. I'm not goin' flop, I'm not goin' get this opportunity to be here is a blessing. So, I'm finna take full advantage of that and when I leave out of here, I'm finna go harder so you can keep that mental note that I'm going be somebody or be bigger than what I am right now."

Watch Denzel Curry open up about his rapping style, his progression and putting on for his city in his video interview above and see him in action in his 2016 XXL Freshman freestyle and BTS photos below.

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