Deniro Farrar dropped another chilling visual with his video for "Classic Mouth" yesterday (Nov. 1). As apart of his "Free Tune Tuesday" series and directed By James Rico, the North Carolina rapper tells two stories in one video: one showing himself getting shot in the skull by a bad cop and one following a young man who struggles to find a job after being arrested a year prior. The stories intertwine when Deniro's soul follows the young man while he searches the wanted pages, fights with his girl and goes on interviews. Both plotlines are heart-wrenching, but luckily, at least one has a happy ending.

What's strange about the "Classic Mouth" video is that it eerily foreshadowed the death of one of Deniro's hometown friend, fellow rapper Lil Donky, who was killed by an off-duty cop last December.

“I made this video a few weeks before he was killed," Deniro told Vibe. "I sent it to him and he told me how real it was. Little did he or myself know that this video would be telling his story. But he’s not the only one. It's been so many police officers wrongfully killing our people for centuries. My brother and videographer James Rico wrote the treatment with that in mind. We just wanted to shed light on what's taking place in our community. It's not a black or white thing, just a wrong or right thing."

This isnt the first time the Southern spitta has used his msuic videos to promote a message. If you haven't already, peep the videos for "Dreams" and "Impractical," also released this year for #FreeTuneTuesdays.

Check out Deniro's "Classic Mouth" video above.

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