Deniro Farrar came through with a creative entry for his #FreeTuneTuesdays campaign. Instead of simply dropping a new song, the North Carolina rapper released a short film for a track called "Dreams." While the visual grabs your attention, Deniro's rhymes are just as captivating.

“Working at the mall, selling shoes for commission/Now we buy the mall, whole hood getting tennis/Always gave back, I’ve never been stingy/Take care of ya people, now they heart full of envy/Started at the bottom with a dollar and dream/Waking up for a school in the trap with the fiends," Deniro raps.

Part of the plotline for the video is inspired by Deniro's brother Antonio, who was convicted of murder three years ago. A judge rejected Antonio's claim of self-defense, but Deniro is still fighting for his sibling's freedom.

"The ‘Dreams’ short film was my way of raising awareness on how easy it is to throw your life away while also showing how making the right choices is critical," Deniro said. "Sad to say that every day men and woman all over the world have dreams that they never make reality because of bad choices. Hopefully this video will help to prevent that from becoming another young man or woman’s reality.”

In addition to the ongoing #FreeTuneTuesdays series, Deniro Farrar is currently working on his Red Book album. The project will be the follow-up to his Mind of a Gemini EP, which dropped in the summer.

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