With more than 20 years in the rap game, Daz Dillinger has shown no signs of stopping and now drops off his sixteenth solo album, Dazamataz.

On his first solo project since 2014's Weed Money, Daz enlists the help of California's both new and veteran rappers. Features on Dazamataz range from Snoop Dogg and Kurupt to newcomer G Perico. Other guest appearances on the 30-track project include Freddie Gibbs, Big Gipp, B-Legit, October London, Ray J, Kokane and many more.

Daz linked up with G Perico for the song "Niggaz Know" and praised the rapper as "young, energetic and crippin' to the muthafuckin' fullest." Daz added, "I'm the big homie DA to the Z, and that's the lil' homie, and we gotta keep this thang ridin’, you know what I'm sayin'?"

While 30 songs may seem like a lot for a CD, Daz sees the music industry in a different way now and is ready to take over the streaming world. "My new album, Dazamataz, is just about flooding the game," he said. "The way music is being sold nowadays online, with the decline of CD sales and the rise of streaming, requires new ways of playing the game and new laws. So that's why I dropped 30 new songs on this new album, all produced by me."

But even with a new album out, Daz has no plans to slow down for the year. "My plan for 2018 is to keep mashing nonstop and to drop more albums than you can allow, so get ready for dat nigga Daz Dillinger," the rapper said.

Check out the tracklist and listen to Dazamataz below.

Daz Dillinger's Dazamataz Album Tracklist

1. "Hard N the Paint"
2. "Ready 4 Sum Action" Feat. Kurupt
3. "Bang Bang (G Mix)" Feat. B Legit and Big Gipp
4. "Dazamataz"
5. "Ain't the Same" Feat. Kokane
6. "Hard Life" Feat. The Twinz and Shon Lawon
7. "No One Duz It Better"
8. "Niggaz Know" Feat. G Perico
9. "Succa Free"
10. "Fucc Dat Talk'n" Feat. Willie Mammuth
11. "Gang Streetz" Feat. Jayo Felony
12. "Hundid Years"
13. "Ghetto Bird" Feat. Freddie Gibbs and Tray Dee
14. "Higher Than High" Feat. Rah Lah and M-1
15. "That's My Baby" Feat. Nicole Wray
16. "R U Single" Feat. Sugafree
17. "This Is the Shit" Feat. Soopafly
18. "I'm Feelin' You" Feat. Rosilee
19. "Curious" Feat. Ray J
20. "It's So On" Feat. Latoiya Williams
21. "Sorry Bitch" Feat. Snoop Dogg and Kurupt
22. "When Life Calls" Feat. October London
23. "Lil' Black Boy" Feat. Tonya Dyson
24. "When We All Get 2 Heaven"
25. "Violation" Feat. Kurupt
26. "Show Some Respect" Feat. Kokane and Yung Zeke
27. "N My Blood Cuzz" Feat. Goldie Loc and Itsad
28. "This One 4 My Niggaz" Feat. C-Bo
29. "Westcoast"
30. "Rich N Famous"


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