Daye Jack knows how to have some fun. The Atlanta rapper's "Deep End" video sees him hosting a wild pool party. The new visual gives a little extra hype to Daye Jack's Surf the Web EP, which is available now.

XXL recently caught up with Daye Jack, who spoke about his love of technology. The Nigerian MC said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of the late Steve Jobs.

“I’m the next Steve Jobs. He’s my hero. He’s the guy I’ve always looked up to for everything and kind of the reason I did want to study computer science," Daye Jack said. "I think that there’s some people who are super into tech and numbers and all that, but he wasn’t one of those people. Who was more into like the whole idea of it—being an ‘idea guy’ and making those ideas real and not worrying about how to make it happen, just knowing it could happen.”

Technology is a big part of part of Daye Jack's music too. The "Hands Up" rapper told XXL about how the tech world inspires his work.

“Tech has a lot to do with the concepts around my projects,” he said. “My first tape was called Hello World and that’s the first program you learn to write when it comes to coding. It’s actually really simple. You’re just trying to get the computer to write 'Hello World' on the screen. And because it’s the first thing you learn, I thought it’d be cool to call my first tape Hello World.”

Daye Jack kept this theme going with Surf the Web. But unlike Hello World, his latest was so recognizable a luddite could catch the reference.

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