Daye Jack is taking viewers behind the scenes in his new music video. The Atlanta rapper gives his fans a glimpse at the tour life in the video for his latest single called "Raw." The visual shows Jack's experiences in the lead up to a show before rocking the stage for a packed crowd of devoted fans. Jack shares everything from exploring the city to grabbing a bite to eat in this one. It is a great insight into the average day of a touring artist.

The "Raw" single matches up well with images in this one since the track is all about belief that you can achieve your dreams. Daye Jack spoke about the concept of the record in greater detail.

“‘Raw’ is about believing in yourself so much that you become a villain," he said. "There'll be people around you who you think you're crazy because you're trying to make some outlandish dream come true, but they're wack for that. That kid being picked on for thinking different and chasing his ideas is who I want to sing along to this song cause that shits as Raw as it gets."

The Warner Bros. Records artist's latest song can be purchased or streamed via multiple digital outlets. But if you are in the need of some free material from Daye Jack, he's got you covered. The Georgia native is currently offering three tracks as free downloads on his official Bandcamp. You can stream those below and check out his "Hands Up" music video with Killer Mike.

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