Dave East and the mother of his child got into a major spat on social media recently.

Yesterday (March 25), the 2016 XXL Freshman decided to put his BM on blast, calling her out as a dead beat, after she apparently called the police on him.

"Kairi Chanel Brewster was on born on March 9 2016. Her mother Milagrito Colon has never purchased Enfamil, diapers, any hospital costs etc.," he wrote on Instagram. "Yesterday, she brought 10 police officers to my home where I live telling them I kidnapped my own child...She tells the police I'm on drugs, I'm a gang member and my father's on drugs."

It doesn't appear that the ploy worked. According to the Muslim MC's post, when the officers found out the child lived with him, they made Colon leave and apologized. "She isn't a suitable mother. I don't care how many Instagram fans she got now," he added.

Colon has since responded, telling the story from her side. "It's a shame that our business is being exposed to social media," she wrote on IG. She claims, before the fame, she was in fact the breadwinner of the relationship. "It amazes me how you can be very forgetful to people who truly loves you and holds you down for who you are, not just who you become."

She later refuted his story of how everything went down with the police.

Check out all the drama below.

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