The welcomed reception of Dave East’s latest EP, Paranoia: A True Story, has proven to hip-hop fans that lyricism and story-telling is well and alive in today’s rap culture. Not only is Dave captivating fans with his music, but his charisma and looks have opened the door even further for him to test the waters in other ventures, including modeling and acting. XXL recently chopped it up with the rapper about his new opportunities and how he looks to capitalize in both the acting and modeling worlds.

Making his acting debut earlier this year on an episode of BET’s Being Mary Jane, Dave appeared on the show as an emerging young rap artist. Since then, the 29-year-old rhymer has been offered several other acting opportunities and has even auditioned for a major motion flick.

“Honestly, the acting is fun, man. It’s something I always seen myself doing. Like, I can [re-enact] mad movies," Dave East tells XXL. “So the fact that that’s even like being offered to me now like I got scripts in my email. I’m reading different scripts. I auditioned for Star Wars. It’s crazy. I would’ve never in a million years been trying to think I would’ve been reciting like, Luke Skywalker lines. It’s crazy, man! But they on it, you know what I'm saying? So I got back in the gym. I just want to be the best Dave I could be.”

While the Harlem MC didn't reveal which Star Wars franchise he auditioned for, it's clear he's serious about expanding his portfolio. Looking to succeed in his new ventures as well as his music, Dave admits he left behind a lot of drugs he was on in order to prosper and create more opportunities for his brand.

As far as modeling, Dave has famed supermodel Tyra Banks to thank for pushing agencies his way. In May, she gave him a shout-out on her Instagram page. "So @daveeast, why you out here making music but not modeling? #MaleModel," she wrote.

"She don't know what that did for me," Dave says of her co-sign. "I done got a million agencies trying to hit me up to model now. But why not? Take pictures and walk for a check? I do that all day. All day long I'm doing that. Word. I just feel like it's dope for the culture and it's dope for the kids in my neighborhood and my homies to even see that."

Watch Dave East open up about auditioning for a Star Wars sequel and his acting goals below.

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