Rapper and filmmaker Darnell Williams has been steady cooking with his music and accompanying visuals for the better half of 2017. In his latest video for "Coney Island," the Detroit native provides a balance of the times—good and bad—with an in-depth look into his thought process.

Williams stunts with his verses on "Coney Island" with lines like, "Yea I ran the mile as a child, puffin' Black & Mild/Stackin' money piles, 18 seen a couple thou'/Bitch, I'm back in style, bling, bling, bet ya see me now/Spending large amounts overseas, bitch I'm talking pounds."

The music video for the track, however, delves deeper into America's issues, providing clips of African-Americans taking a stand against unjust situations. The contrast is clear as Williams stands by his homies and grandfather in the self-directed visual ("I put my grandad in my video getting a lap dance cause he’s a legend," he tweeted) as they become surrounded by scantily-clad women and money, mirroring the life of plenty of millennials today.

"Its a reflection of the times and all the shit going on today," Mr. "South Central" explains. "Also it's a lot about me...like half the time I don’t give a fuck I just wanna be high, happy, getting pussy and paid...but another side of me enraged about everything going on and God gave me this feeling of leadership that I can’t shake—if that makes sense. At the same time, I’m not about to be no preachy ass nigga."

For a better understanding, watch "Coney Island" below. "Coney Island" is off Williams' forthcoming EP, Porno. For more music, check out his SoundCloud, which includes tracks like "Yung Spike Lee" with Casey Veggies and more.

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